9 Unique Hobbies You Should Try at Least Once

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In the quest for well-being, it’s always worth trying new, enjoyable things. Hobbies in particular are especially useful for this. Having a hobby can help those who are suffering from depression or recovering from an addiction. Developing hobbies can also help you connect and build bridges with new people, which Harvard Health Publishing notes is a powerful aid in preventing loneliness and adverse mental health conditions.

Here are a few unique hobbies you should try at least once.

1. Novel writing

Writing a novel is one useful way you can learn to silence your inner critic and really chase positive ideas that you have. You can find influences in everything and even write “fan fiction” of your favorite stories. Do whatever you want with your story and see where it goes.

2. Watch documentaries

Getting into documentaries can profoundly change the way that you think about all kinds of issues, from bees to volcanoes. It can help you develop new interests and see the world differently. Even if you don’t have a streaming service or cable, there are loads of excellent documentaries available through websites. You can even borrow documentaries from your local library.

3. Learn an instrument

Learning to play an instrument doesn’t just train your ear and help you impress friends. National Geographic explains that it can also prevent cognitive decline and memory loss. There are a wide variety of instruments you can learn, like the tuba, flute, violin, guitar, and piano.

4. Start a business

If you have an interest or passion for something, have you ever thought of turning it into a moneymaker? You can sell just about anything online now, whether it’s a product or service. You can even tutor others online or monetize a vlog or blog. You might even almost feel guilty when you set aside time for your passion project and know people will pay you for it…almost!

If you do start a new venture, remember you need to select a business structure. For personal asset protection and the ability to issue stocks, many people prefer a corporation. Plus it’s easy to launch when you use an online service. Then you can get down to mixing business and pleasure, guilt-free!

5. Paint

Highlights in neuroscience research suggest that our brains have specialized components that are highly useful in creative art. What makes painting especially fun is the different media you can experiment with, like watercolor, acrylic, gouache, or even oil. Painting is also linked to reduced stress, increased confidence, and feelings of overall happiness. When done in a class or with others, painting (or any hobbies) can help foster relationships and build friendships.

6. Write some poetry

Have you ever read some beautiful pieces of writing that were so compelling that you wanted to emulate them? Why not try that out with poetry? Write out your feelings in free verse or maybe try a few funny limericks.

7. Sew your own clothes

There’s a fun sense of accomplishment that comes from creating your own things. Sewing your own clothes can be an interesting experiment that requires patience and focus. If you’re new to sewing, try taking a course on it or stream some videos. Start simple and move up from there.

8. Learn origami

According to Psychology Today, practicing origami is a useful tool for engaging in mindfulness and learning-focused attention meditation. This can promote calmness and help with mental health issues. The best part about learning origami is that you can do it anywhere. If you’re feeling stressed, pull out some paper and start folding.

9. Explore your own town

Have the bug to travel but lack the finances? Look at what your hometown has to offer. Wherever you live, no matter how long you’ve lived there, something new and refreshing is just waiting to be discovered. Try participating in community events or go for a walk to see the community around you. If you can go beyond your town, see what new museums or exhibits are around.

Studies indicate that having a hobby can help you control your stress levels, deal with anxiety, and promote deeper mental health. Plus they’re fun because you’re not expected to be a professional. You’re just discovering a new part of yourself.

Written by: Cheryl Conklin
Wellness Central