How to Plan the Perfect Self-Care Getaway

How to Plan the Perfect Self-Care Getaway

Self-care isn’t just a question of everyday activities like eating healthy and drinking enough water. You can also make self-care a special treat by taking a mini trip to focus on yourself, get pampered, and unwind. Picking the right destination is important, so here are some tips from Be Positive | Stay Positive to get you started.

Feel like a kid again in Orlando, Florida

Enjoy the warm weather and sunny skies of Orlando, Florida, for a relaxing break. Nicknamed “The City Beautiful,” this pretty place offers something for everyone. Popular attractions include the Kennedy Space Center, Sea Life Orlando Aquarium, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Florida, and of course, Disney World. Check out Mouse Life Today to learn how you can squeeze in a Disney trip without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect spot to dial back the clock and feel like a kid again.

If you fall in love with Orlando, you might consider calling it home. You’ll benefit from great weather, a well-connected hub, and a thriving tourism industry that offers plenty of job opportunities. The many amusement parks, hotels, and restaurants in the area mean there’s no shortage of jobs to be had. Plus, living in Orlando means you aren’t far from the coast, allowing for regular beach trips.

Unwind in the natural beauty of Burlington, Vermont

If the hot and humid Florida weather isn’t your thing, consider a trip to Burlington, Vermont, instead. The best time to go is in the fall when you can watch the leaves change colors. Schedule a walking tour to make the most of the pretty sight. This picturesque city takes you away from the hustle and bustle of larger urban metropolises while still offering plenty to see and do. Highlights include biking the Burlington Bike Path, visiting Church Street Marketplace, and strolling through Waterfront Park.

Burlington’s small-town charm might be so winning you’ll consider moving there full-time. You’ll have easy access to pretty nature and enjoy fantastic opportunities for winter sports like skiing. If you prefer water activities, nearby Lake Champlain offers plenty of options. Plus, if you feel the need for some more excitement, Vermont is also well situated to allow for trips to bigger cities like New York.

Step back in time and unwind in old-world Charleston, South Carolina

Slow down the pace of life and give southern Charleston a try for a great self-care break. Schedule a walking tour to take in the historic city’s main sights, pay a visit to Waterfront Park, and enjoy some time by the sea at Folly Beach. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a Charleston boat tour and get out on the water. Charleston is also known for having a fantastic food scene, so make sure to leave time for testing out the city’s many restaurants. Seafood is a must-try in this southern coastal town.

If southern Charleston wins your heart, consider buying a vacation home there. This is a great way to test the waters to see if you might want to live there full-time. Purchasing a vacation home usually requires a down payment of at least 20%, but if you don’t have the cash, there are other options. For example, you can take out a second mortgage on the home you already own or try a home equity loan.

Relax by the beach in Los Angeles, California

If you find the buzz of a big city reenergizing, then LA is the place to go. You’ll enjoy a bit of everything here, from Hollywood’s bright lights to the soothing seaside of Malibu and shopping in upscale Beverly Hills. For a break from the city, schedule a spa retreat and unwind. Must-see sights include The Getty Center, Griffith Observatory, and Universal Studios Hollywood. LA also has plenty of great restaurants, bars, and clubs, so if you want to let loose and enjoy some nightlife, you’re in the right place.

A vacation can be a great way to hit pause on the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The above guide gives you inspiration, with four diverse locations that let you relax in different ways. Whether you want to lie by the beach or enjoy the mountains, there’s a spot for you.

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