Five Ways to Gain Control of Your Thoughts.

Step One – Make A List

Get a sheet of paper and on the left side write down your negative thoughts.

Step Two – Write Down Your Negative Thoughts

On the left side, write out negative thoughts that you think of regularly. Thoughts of anxiety or worried thoughts, or self-critical thoughts, thoughts that display a lack of self-confidence or any other thoughts that are negative or make you feel bad.  Write out these thoughts the way they sound when you speak them to yourself.

Step Three – Create Positive Affirmations

On the right side create a positive thought for each negative thought you wrote down.  The positive thought should be just that, positive. Make sure that your positive thoughts don’t consist of you lying to yourself and telling yourself that everything will be okay if that’s not necessarily true.

Step Four – Read Your List Twice Daily

Read through your list twice a day. First thing in the morning when you get out of bed and the last thing at night before jumping into bed. Over time, you will start memorizing the wording and content of your positive thoughts, so they become a habit, a way of life. As you replace those negative thoughts with positive ones consistently, cross them out.

Step Five – Think About What You’re Thinking About

As you go through your day, take notice of your thoughts. When you begin to have a negative thought, stop yourself and replace it with a positive affirmation or thought. Reject that old way of thinking. You may have to reject and replace thoughts many, many times a day, but, at some point, your subconscious will catch on and easily think positive thoughts and send them to your conscious mind.