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The Positive Perspective

When you understand how your mind works, you can create the life you desire.
So many of us experience similar life situations. Whether it’s having difficulty staying positive or dealing with physical or emotional abuse, the commonalities are universal.

This book addresses several life situations in a straightforward, simplistic way. Many of life’s problems are created by us and can be fixed when we change our perspective. Emotions like love, anger, sadness, and fear, are created in our minds. When we try to predict the future it’s natural to visualize the worst-case scenario. It doesn’t have to be that way. Once you understand how to use the power of your mind.

The stories in this book are from real people, just like you, who have opened their hearts and minds so they too can experience The Positive Perspective.

There are many different topics in this book such as:
• Infinite Intelligence
• Question Your Belief System
• Your Past Is Your Past
• Gratitude Practices
• Improve Your Willpower
• Control Your Anger
• Thoughts Become Things
• Your Subconscious Mind

My goal in writing this book is to show you how to find your inner happiness. We all have the capability to do so.
Stay Positive

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8 Replies to “The Positive Perspective / Personalized”

  1. Nat, I love what you’re doing, so I’m happy to buy one of your books. I enjoy listening to you (Pandora & the website) because you are so relatable and real. I like that your perspective is NOT driven by religion. guilt, or an “agenda”. You’re not trying to brain wash people, you simply believe we can all make little adjustments to our mindset, attitude, mood, perspective, etc and become happier in the process. Yes, it definitely can be challenging at times ((especially in THESE times)), but it’s something we have to practice.

    You mentioned something about producing a journal to sell. I think that’s a GREAT idea! Before discovering your podcast I received a journal from a co-worker (I never had one before) as a gift this past Christmas and I call it my Positivity Journal because I only write positive things in it-things I’m grateful for, enjoy doing, seeing, smelling, etc. It can be literally anything-all the traffic lights were green on my way to work, daffodils are starting to emerge from the ground, etc. To go back and read it later is AMAZING! I can’t believe sometimes, how much good stuff is in my life! It really helps on the down days. It also helps too, to have a special cover and to be of good quality so that it’s more than writing on a notepad-just my opinion.

    Appreciate all you’re doing, keep up the great work, and thanks for “being there”. I look forward to reading your book!

  2. Debbie,

    Thank You for becoming part of the positivity!
    I’m so happy you found the show. And you’re right, I don’t “preach” I’ll just try to help you find your happiness. We’ll figure it out together.

    Also, thank you for purchasing the book. Did you get a personalized one? You see the good stuff in your life because you are aware. You’re way ahead of most people.

    Stay Positive.

  3. I just found your podcast on Spotify.
    I love your show. You’re the last person I hear before I fall asleep now. Thank you for your joy you share. You’re show has lifted me up , and has my mind shifting into a new, and much more ‘positive’ way of thinking. Thanks again. 👍☺️ Stephanie K.

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie. When I hear this, my heart fills with joy. I am so happy my words help you hear yours. We are what we think about so why not strive to think happy thoughts as often as we can right? Thank again.

  4. I was going through a rough time a while back ago, didn’t know how to stay positive and learn to love life. I came across a couple podcasts on pandora, and yours really spoke to me. You are doing a great job and the positive vibes you send and help others are a true blessing! I am looking forward to reading your book!

    1. I am so grateful you found the show. It’s weird how many people just happen to find this just right when they need it. I appreciate it so much and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book.

  5. Nat,
    I listen to your podcast on Spotify in the morning on my ride to work. I like to mentally prepare myself because somedays are a challenge. Listening to some of your episode, makes it better for me to get through the day. I am a believer that staying positive can help any situation. I been through so much that has made me a strong person, but listening to your podcasts continues to help me on my journey. Thank you and keep up the Great work!

  6. Thank you so much. I am so grateful that my words help you find your true happiness. It’s fun right?

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